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"Collaborative Innovation Empowering A Sustainable Future Together"——2024 Wingtech Technology Global Elite Partner Conference ended successfully


On March 24th, 2024 Wingtech Technology "Collaborative Innovation Empowering A Sustainable Future Together" Global Elite Partner Conference was successfully held in Huangshi. Wingtech's elite partners from around the world gathered together to explore how to collaborate, innovate, and empower in the opportunities and challenges of "AI+" to build the industry's highest quality supply chain.


Huangshi's Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wu Zhiling, Vice Mayor Niu Wenjun, Secretary General Deng Bin and other leaders and guests attended the conference. Wu Zhiling warmly welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude to Wingtech and its partners for their outstanding contributions to the development of the Huangshi industry over the long term. Zhang Xuezheng, Chairman of Wingtech Technology, reviewed the cooperation process with the Huangshi government over the years, expressed sincere gratitude for the strong support provided by the Huangshi government and relevant departments, and also looked forward to closer cooperation in the future. He hopes that the government and enterprises can work together to promote the development of the Huangshi industry to a new level.


At the conference, Zhang Xuezheng delivered a speech with the theme of "Collaborative Innovation Empowering A Sustainable Future Together", analyzing the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry under the AI wave, and providing a detailed introduction to Wingtech's future strategic planning and development priorities. He pointed out that the industry is at a crossroads of technological iteration, and Wingtech will leverage the huge innovation opportunities brought by AI to open up new blue oceans, increase R&D investment, do a good job in technological innovation and efficiency improvement, and achieve comprehensive iteration and transformation around the "AI+" strategy.


Zhang Xuezheng officially proposed the "Wingtech Technology Symbiosis Initiative ", indicating that Wingtech will increase its support for Symbiosis Initiative partners, collaborate with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain for innovation, collaborative empowerment, and deep binding, and explore a broad global market. As an international enterprise, Wingtech will further deepen its global layout, continue to uphold the core values of "be upward, be kind, be sunshine, and use product integration business and semiconductor business as engines to collaborate and create a core competitiveness. Wingtech will work together with global elite partners to seize the vast blue ocean opportunities brought by AI, jointly create more intelligent innovative products, and build the industry's highest quality industrial chain.

With the support of global elite partners, Wingtech has achieved remarkable results in various business fields and maintained steady growth in difficult environments. To express gratitude and recognition for its partners, this conference has selected multiple awards such as strategic partner, sincere partner, and outstanding delivery partner, and presented awards to the award-winning enterprises.



RF360, Changxin Xinxian, Samsung Electric, BOE, and Feixiang have won the Wingtech Communication Strategic Partner Award; Chonghui, Beiye, Changdian Technology, Xinlian Integration, and Zhonghuan Leading were awarded the Best Growth Supplier Award by Nexperia; Zhongshan Yinengda won the Best Backend Material Supplier Award from Nexperia.

Representatives from core partners such as Samsung Electric and Changxin Xinxian delivered speeches at the conference, elaborating on the profound significance of their cooperation and looking forward to closer cooperation with Wentai in the future, exploring more possibilities for cooperation, working together to create greater value, and achieving win-win development.

Park Xizhe, chairman of Samsung Electric China, said in his speech that as a close partner of Wingtech for many years, Samsung Electric has been working hand in hand with Wingtech, fighting side by side, and experiencing the ups and downs of the market environment together. In difficult times, we still rely on each other, provide assistance in the snow, and work together to overcome difficulties and challenges. In future cooperation, Samsung will fully support Wingtech's strategic goals and is willing to continue to maintain a close cooperative relationship with Wingtech, work together to achieve common achievements, and explore broader blue oceans.

Changxin Technology Chairman Gao Qianwen stated that Wingtech has always focused on technological innovation, quickly responded to market demand, and continuously improved product competitiveness. Changxin Technology was honored to have the opportunity to participate in and witness Wingtech's strides forward and achieve leapfrog development in technological innovation. Wingtech's profound accumulation in the fields of mobile communication and intelligent hardware, as well as its strategic layout in the semiconductor field, will undoubtedly occupy a favorable position in the market. We hope that both parties can join hands, seize new markets and opportunities, increase innovation efforts, and bring better product experiences to the industry and customers with better products and services.


The conference was a complete success, and Wingtech reached deep cooperation with multiple partners and signed a series of far-reaching cooperation agreements. In the wave of AI, Wingtech will will be guided by the concept of "Collaborative Innovation Empowering A Sustainable Future Together", and work together with global elite partners to seize the development opportunities brought by AI, EV, and energy storage, collaborate to empower, symbiosis and win-win, and jointly create the best quality supply chain in the industry and open up a broader global market.

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